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POSTD Merchant Banque (POSTD MB) is a non-depository financial institution.
POSTD MB provides assistance in and access to Equity, Credit, and Real Estate Strategies.

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We’re in the business of underwriting, loan services, financial advising and fundraising. We offer first rate services for both large corporations and growing businesses, through our global reach. PM Banque is also proud to be a leader in the blockchain technology space.

PM Banque is registered to do business in the U.S., and licensed to serve clients globally, with a special interest in the fast-developing Asia Pacific region.

Global Financial Service

Our Service Offering

We help small to mid cap companies find creative sources of funding to grow even bigger.

Digital banking leader

Infrastructure & Security

We provide an end-to-end digital exchange service that meets our users’ security needs.


Data Protection

Block chain data protection solutions enhancing the security of your data without outsourcing


On-site security

Our banking vaulting services provide secure on-site storage that allows easy access to liquid assets, while in a safe multi-layered secure environment.



We are in the process of developing cryptocurrency and associated block chain technology solutions not usually available to our client companies.

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Our Response to Covid-19 - Fight Back Program

Restart Your Business through POSTD's customized services!

We know how difficult it was when the Covid-19 Pandemic hit the world, and now we are giving an opportunity to each small-to-medium business owners WORLDWIDE a chance to Restart Your Business success through POSTD’s customized services.

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